BANFF… positively BA.

Making the absolute most of 2 days in Alberta’s best. 

img_1913Maybe it was the 500 billion pictures of BANFF’s alpine wonders that caught my attention.  I had been to Ontario on several occasions to chase toothy critters that lurked in the deep cabbage beds of remote, fly in lakes.  However, I hadn’t ventured to the western part of Canada, and it had been on my mind for some time.   I needed to redefine what “glacial blue” meant to me.


Like all of my trips, there is usually little planning involved.  I take advantage of last minute round trip airfare, and plan to pack all my food and figure out my lodging (this most always turns out to be my tent or an SUV) when I get there.  I flew into Calgary, and rented a small SUV to make the drive to BANFF, which was 1.5 hours north west.   I had two fully days to experience all that BANFF had to offer.  Spoiler alert… you need WAY more time.  However, I did my best to get in what I could, and make an adventure out of the whole deal.

Fly fishing the Bow River


I stopped at a local fly shop just outside the park to purchase my license and get the scoop on the fishing scene.  The guys at the corner were more than helpful.  They pointed out a few areas, and let me know what trails were closed due to high bear activity.  They sent me on my way with a hand full of green drakes, bear spray and confidence.   I was told to walk behind the hospital in BANFF, where I could find a little place that rented canoes and kayaks.  From there, I could paddle up river to a few prime fishing locations, and the dry fly bite would produce, and produce it did.



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