The power of optimism.


I am a devoted believer in the power of optimism, and my belief that optimism and your disposition dictate how you fare through unfortunate circumstances and life’s many mountains. These are just a collection of various thoughts and tips I’ve learned to cultivate optimism.

I’ve experienced and witnessed many trials.. Many of which I wish id have handled differently.. But the beauty is we get second chances.

I believe in positivity, and I do put trust into the inherent good in others.

Constantly, I hear that those are foolish beliefs. Unrealistic. Idealistic.

We all have critics, but we are our own worst critics. Cynicism is not constructive… It’s the opposite.

You are one choice away from drastically changing your life, and many small choices away from changing how you view the world.

I believe in the world Id like to see, and I won’t apologize for that.

We may feel that we are insignificant, and our world is too big for us to make a difference.. But I’ve personally seen how soul-smashingly impactful a simple act of kindness, and a positive attitude can be.
find a reason to smile, and smile often.

Anxiety and negativity are like a weighted vest when you’re swimming in a pool of your own sub consciousness.

Cling to those positive thoughts, and positive people. They’ll help keep your head above the water, and your mind clear.

3 years ago, I started a gratitude journal. I’ve filled hundreds of pages with things as simple as “I’m grateful for the way the sun warms patches of the carpet in the living room” to things as heavy as “the folks who have given their lives so that I may have mine”. You’d be surprised at how writing down what you’re grateful for slowly morphs your mind, and alters your perspective.

Optimism is a movement, and it IS life changing. People can feed off of your optimism. The can feel your energy. Your attitude can change the direction of a conversation. Be the type of person you’d like to run into on the road when you’re down and out. Love deeply, forgive easily, smile every chance you get.

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