I started avidly hunting about 4 years ago.  What started as a hobby to fill the transition time from open water to hard water fishing, grew to be a lifestyle.  Currently, I spend just as much time in the woods as I do on the water.   I prefer bow hunting over rifle, for the intimacy, challenge and extended season.


I’ve tagged out the past few years of spring turkey, and have been on two (unsuccessful) solo, spot and stalk antelope hunts… but I’m learning.  Solo hunting has taught me perseverance, as it’s as mentally taxing as it is physically.


I’ve also picked up H20 fowlin’.   Add it to the list of hobbies.   I shoot a benelli SBEII, and have been scaring birds away with my awful calling for 2 years.  It’s getting better… I promise.
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Besides the hunt itself, I take pride in harvesting my own meat.  With fitness playing a role in my life, and subsequently having the metabolism of a cheetah on steroids, there is no better feeling than filling the freezer with fresh, organic food.